Check this list of Top 10 Greatest Wicket Keepers Of All Time

The cricket club as a whole would not be complete without a wicketkeeper. Every team needs a reliable wicketkeeper. In addition to making catches, a wicketkeeper’s duties also include running out batters and stumping them. One of the key members of the squad is the wicketkeeper. Their major goal is to encourage and encourage fielders & bowlers to play better and succeed.

In each cricket match, the wicket-role keeper is vital. The wicketkeeper guards the byes to take catches and uses stumping to remove batters. They are useful for advising ballers on where to ball, though. They have an advantage in checking things out because they are near to a batsman. Here are the ten best wicketkeepers of all time.

#1 Mark Boucher

Mark Bouncer, who has 467 matches and 998 dismissals, is at the top of the list. He is said to as the best wicketkeeper in the globe. The South African footballer had approximately 467 games played over the course of its history & 998 career dismissals. Boucher had clearly been a dependable player behind the plate, and his impact on the squad cannot be replaced.

#2 Brendon McCullum

He had some amazing records that fairly made him anywhere lesser than Dhoni in the prior years. But soon after Dhoni rose to the number position, McCullum became inferior.

#3 Dhoni

Various people have different memories of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Others remember him as the ferocious finisher, though some remember him as the one captain to win ICC Trophies. He is unquestionably one of the best wicketkeepers in the nation, though, on that point, everybody can agree. In terms of his finest wicketkeeping abilities, MS Dhoni ranks third with 829 dismissals in around 538 games.

#4 Jeff Dujon

Since the 1980s, Jeff Dujon has excelled as a player. He had a ten-year career in this world of cricket as one of the top wicket keepers. Dujon happens to be the West Indies cricketer who has been kicked from the squad before.

#5 Dinesh Ramdin

Dinesh Ramdin is one name that cannot be left unheard or untold. With his adept wicketkeeping, Ramdin eliminated 468 batters in roughly 284 games, with 39 stumpings and 429 wickets for a dismissal score of 1.38 per inning.

#6 Kumar Sangakkara

Sangakkara, who has a solid track record, captained Sri Lanka for a number of years. At the ICC World Cup, he had removed 54 batsmen overall in roughly 36 innings behind stumps.

#7 Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist another name on the list. In the ten innings of Australia’s 2003 World Cup-winning performance, he struck out about 21 hitters. It sets a record for the most wins in a single competition.

#8 Khan Moin

Moin, a star athlete for Pakistan, typically bats in the middle of the lineup, but he started the innings off with 14 runs. Moin’s latest Test match also included Sri Lanka. Since 2016, he, too, has played in Pakistan.

#9 David Healy

Because of Healy’s skill as Australia’s wicketkeeper in the mid-twentieth century, he was chosen. He was preceded in this by Don Tallon, Rod Marsh, as well as Wally Grout. He took home the Wisden Cricketer trophy in 1994.

#10 Robert Haddin

At the World Cup 2011, Brad Haddin did a fantastic job of representing the Indian subcontinent. He ran 332 times at a 55.33 mph pace to finish the entire game. Haddin got 33 runs per Test, or 3266 points altogether, from roughly 66 games.

So, these are the best world best wicket keepers so far in Indian cricket history.


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